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Tips on How to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane or Severe Weather

When the greater Houston area is expected to receive heavy rain and potentially high winds, these things can greatly affect your swimming pool.  Here are a few tips to help you and your pool weather the storm.


Before the storm: 


  1. Do not drain your pool. Pools are made to handle excess water during these events.  Pool water below the skimmer line is not good.

  2. Remove all pool toys, floats, poles, and nets from the pool and secure them.

  3. If possible, put away any objects that could be blown into the pool from the deck, such as pool side furniture, outdoor pillows, etc. 

  4. Crank umbrellas down and tie, or remove from the stand and store inside.


IF it is safe for you to do so:


  1. Remove any large debris (tree limbs, large leaves, etc.) from the pool.

  2. Monitor and keep all deck drains cleared of debris.

  3. Keep overflow grate cleared of debris.  The overflow grate is located just above the waterline, below the coping.

  4. Keep skimmers empty - they can fill up quickly if there is a lot of debris blown into the pool.

  5. If you have an in-floor cleaning system, empty the debris canister as well.

  6. If your pool gets flooded with water from a lake, river or bayou or other dirty water source you should put the pool in service mode or shut down all equipment.  If the pool is flooded with dirty water, please email our service department at


After the storm:


  1. Clean as much debris as possible from the pool. 

  2. Clean skimmers and canister basket.


In the following days:


Heavy rains can dilute the chlorine in your pool, and with the hot temperatures returning after the rain, you can expect your pool may develop some algae.  We will address this issue when we clean the pool during our weekly visit.  In addition, some pools may need a filter clean even if you have had one recently. 


Be advised that our cleaning schedule may change as we work to recover pools from severe weather events.  


Above all, keep you, your family, and your pets safe!

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